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All visitors - including Members - are required to reserve admissions tickets for a specific date and time prior to arriving at The Gardens. We need your cooperation to ensure that we can successfully reopen in a way that helps ensure the safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff. Visit the admissions page for ticketing information.

Do not plan to visit The Gardens if you have a cough or fever. All visitors are required to follow City of Fort Collins mask protocols. Please practice social distancing – staying at least six feet away from staff, volunteers and visitors not in your party.

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The Butterfly House

butterflies on plants

Year Opened:  2019

The Butterfly House is a year-round home to hundreds of North American butterflies and dozens of varieties of flowering plants, built and operated in partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion.

This warm and experiential sensory experience allows all ages to get “up close” to both butterflies and plants in a tropical environment.  The garden was carefully curated to provide nectar-rich plants for the butterflies, as well as locations for roosting, resting and basking.


  • 300 free-flying butterflies and moths, including Monarchs, Painted Ladies, Swallowtails and more
  • A chrysalis window, allowing guests to watch butterflies emerge from their chrysalises 
  • Adult moth displays keep males and females separate due to their high egg laying capacity
  • Caterpillar displays, offering a deeper understanding of the complete life cycle
  • A 220-square-foot living wall with 2,200 annuals, ferns and foliage plants that provide roosting space for butterflies and moths
  • More than 100 varieties of tropical plants, specifically curated for our pollinator friends
  • Hanging sponge balls and sponge cups soaked in sugar water to provide extra nutrition for butterflies, as well as decaying fruit
  • Interpretation and education provided by staff and volunteers

Please Note:
Denver's Butterfly Pavilion is the first stand-alone, Association of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited non-profit invertebrate zoo.  While The Gardens on Spring Creek enjoys a partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion, our organizations are separate.  Tickets to the Butterfly House may only be purchased at The Gardens.