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Horticulture Resources

Gardens landscape photo with rocks and flowers

Questions about your garden? We get it! Gardening can often bring up more unknowns than knowns. Please check out our FAQs for answers you might be seeking.

In addition, we've included links and contact information for other community resources, many of which are either free or low-cost.

Thank you for your interest in horticulture!

FAQ Topics#

Do you take compost donations?

The Gardens on Spring Creek does not take compost donations. Without knowing the exact material that goes into the compost, we may be inviting unwanted pests, both plant and animal, onto the grounds. 

Where can I learn more about composting?

The City of Fort Collins has fantastic resources that will help you start your own compost project. They also have resources to put you in contact with local organizations that take food and garden waste.

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Can I get assistance with my landscape?

The Gardens on Spring Creek horticulture team doesn't provide landscaping guidance; however, there are wonderful local resources available to you! 

Both the City of Fort Collins Utilities and Colorado State University Extension provide the most up-to-date practices for all things gardening — including turf removal, native and xeric plants, and other popular gardening and horticulture topics. 

And don't forget, The Gardens does host gardening and horticulture classes throughout the year that provide additional opportunities for education! 

Explore The Gardens' Upcoming Classes

Need mulch? We can help! 
Two free self-load sites are available through the summer:

  • Timberline Recycling Center
    • 1903 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525

  • The Gardens on Spring Creek
    • 2145 Centre Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80526
    • Mulch is located at the northeast corner of The Gardens' parking lot

Something looks amiss with my trees or plants? Where can I get a diagnosis?

Check out these resources!

Can you help me identify a plant?

  • For plants outside The Gardens, there are a host of fantastic apps that can help you learn about your surroundings and become involved in citizen science! You can also contact the CSU Extension Office via their "Ask Extension" form.

  • If the plant in question is found within The Gardens on Spring Creek, we're happy to help out! Fill out our question form with the plant location and we'll get back to you in 7-10 business days. You can also check out our online plant finder linked below. 

The Gardens Plant Finder

Do you take plant donations?

With such carefully curated grounds, we are not able to take plant donations. However, many local organizations host plant swaps throughout the year that also serve as a great way to meet other gardeners. In addition, Facebook Marketplace and other online communities can be excellent places to find homes for your indoor plants! 

Will you accept my Christmas Tree?

The Gardens doesn't have the capacity to recycle Christmas tress. Please check out the resources offered by the City of Fort Collins.

Regional Educational Offerings#

  • Audubon Rockies: Audubon’s Habitat Hero program teaches participants how to save water and create bird habitats in their landscapes 

  • City of Fort Collins Utilities: Learn from home with pre-recorded design, irrigation, and xeriscaping classes

  • Colorado Native Plant Society: Offers classes, events and resources dedicated to furthering the knowledge, appreciation and conservation of Colorado native plants and habitats 

  • CSU Extension: Online gardening classes taught by CSU extension agents are free and open to the public; registration is required 

  • Resource Central: Offers free live and recorded webinars from Colorado landscape professionals throughout the year on a variety of waterwise garden topics  

  • People and Pollinators Action Network: Check out their webinars and educational events focused on sustainable landscaping and wildlife habitat. PPAN offers grants of up to $2000 for sustainable landscaping projects  

  • Wild Ones Front Range Chapter: Empowering Front Range residents to plant and promote native plant landscapes, they host educational events, offer a native plant landscaping toolkit, and host free seed swaps across the Front Range

Question Form#

Still looking for answers? Fill out our contact form and a member of our horticulture team will get back to you in 7 - 10 business days. Thanks for being curious!

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