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Art in The Gardens

Past Exhibitions#

Spring 2023 – Spring 2024
A Journey of Growth and Transformation

This installation takes the viewer on a journey through a series of sculptures depicting the stages of growth and transformation. Each piece speaks to a different stage of this process - including the conception of an idea or intention to choosing the path, opening up, taking the leap, falling, achieving forward motion, finding gratitude, standing strong in your transformation and finally sharing this boon with the universe. 

The internal spiritual journey depicted in this exhibit parallels the growth of a seed both metaphorically and through the use of symbolism. From a little seed pod full of limitless possibility, through the stages of breaking free from the shell, growing, leafing, budding, blossoming and finally spreading its own seeds.

About the Artist: Jodie Bliss is the owner of Bliss Studio in Monument, Colorado. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in fine art sculpture, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing. Jodie has more than 20 years of metalworking experience, and her passion for studies in psychology, cultural anthropology and the wonders of the natural world have led her down many paths and through various obsessions with everything—from the role of masking in tribal cultures and modern-day subcultures, to the role of myth in the human experience and beyond.

Jodie and her team at Bliss Studio create everything from custom one-of-a-kind gates, railings, doors, furniture and chandeliers to custom public art pieces for municipalities, arts programs, corporate clients, architects, builders and private clients.

Artist welding


Artist looking through metal

Since reopening after its expansion project, the Gardens on Spring Creek has partnered with Art in Public places to bring annual temporary art installations to The Gardens. Learn more about our former Mountain Wildwoods and Bird House Villages exhibits.

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