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The Gardens on Spring Creek will be closed through April 30, with no programming, special events or public access available during this time.

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Youth Programs

The Gardens is a perfect place to foster a deep love and connection to the natural world. We offer a wide selection of fun-filled education programs and classes for kids of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Learning in The Gardens is the most natural thing to do. Whether you are a teacher looking for a new way to make your classroom lessons come alive or a caregiver looking for a perfect place for your nature loving kids, The Gardens is the place to be.

The Gardens can now provide scholarships for youth specific classes and programs to income-qualifying families. Please submit the following application:

Garden Learning at Home

During all four seasons, there are fun things to do outside in your yard, garden or neighborhood park. Check out some kid friendly garden lessons below. 

Dissecting a Bean Ever wonder what is inside the bean you had for lunch? Did you know that bean can become a 12-foot-tall plant! During this lesson you will use your observation skills to explore the inside of a bean.

Living Necklace What does it take for a bean to grow? Create a fun and interactive necklace that allows you to watch it take place.

Planting a Seed Explore what it takes to plant a seed and how to care for it.

Sensory Nature Walk Take a walk outside to safely explore the natural world around us through your senses, colors, numbers, and patterns.

Read & Seed

A fun and interactive introduction to gardens while preparing youth ages 2-4 years for Preschool.

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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child's birthday at The Gardens!

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School's Out! It's time to explore our outdoor classroom at The Gardens.

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