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Is there a place to drop off tree limbs I've pruned from my tree?

The City does not accept tree limbs or any yard waste. However, there are some local business that do accept yard waste and tree limbs for recycling.

Where can I get free mulch?

There are two locations - 1: The City's Timberline Recycling Center (1903 S. Timberline Rd)); and 2: in the parking lot at the Gardens on Spring Creek (2145 Centre Ave). Mulch is placed in the bins each week, but at no specific time or day of week. If the bin(s) are empty, you'll have to check again on another day. People may take as much mulch as they need; not for commercial businesses.

I cut down my pine tree that had Mountain Pine Beetle, what do I do with the wood?

There are three options:

  1. You can have a company come to your house and chip all the wood and then use the mulch yourself, or have that company haul it away.
  2. You can take all the wood to the Larimer County Landfill to have it buried. You need to let them know it's infested wood, so please contact them at 970-498-5760 to find out what to do when you get to the landfill.
  3. You can strip the bark from the wood, and then use the wood as you wish; but this is a tedious process and may not be worth the work. In addition, the bark would still have to be taken to the landfill.