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What is the purpose of the CAP CAC?#

CAP CAC Members Discussing City Plan in 2018

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) launched in 2015 to advise City staff on the development of the 2020 CAP Strategic Plan and to provide feedback as the community works to achieve our greenhouse gas reduction goals. The CAC consists of residents who provide diverse perspectives, social networks, and expertise that is critical for successful implementation of the CAP. The CAC is responsible for providing insight on the planning and implementation of the 2020, 2030 and 2050 climate action goals and associated initiatives. Their perspectives are shared with City Council and the teams exploring potential action items that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Committee Members#

  • Big Wind, Northern Arapaho Tribe
  • Stacey Baumgarn, Colorado State University
  • Evelyn Carpenter, Solas Energy Consulting
  • Todd Dangerfield, Downtown Development Authority
  • Scott Denning, Colorado State University
  • Javier Echeverria Diaz, Motherlove Herbal Company
  • Ann Hutchison, Fort Collins Area Chamber
  • Fred Kirsch, Community for Sustainable Energy
  • Steve Kuehneman, Care Housing
  • Rose Lew, Fort Collins Sustainability Group
  • Lisa Leveillee, First National Bank
  • Ben Lucas, Learfield/CSU Athletics
  • Sheble McConnellogue, Northern Colorado Clean Cities
  • JD Murphy, Veteran, Retired Businessman
  • Ehret Nottingham, Northern Colorado Climate Strike
  • Dawn Paepke, Kaiser Permanente
  • Todd Parker, Waypoint Real Estate
  • Amanda Probst, Homeschooling Mom 
  • Jean Runyon, Front Range Community College
  • Bruno Sobral, Colorado State University
  • Patrick Shyvers, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • Dimitris Stevis, Colorado State University
  • Roberto Torres, Hewlett Packard
  • Trudy Trimbath, Poudre School District
  • Dana Villeneuve, New Belgium Brewing

Meeting Information#

The Community Advisory Committee generally meets once a quarter and on an as needed basis. Below are the meeting dates for 2020 and all meetings take place from noon - 2:30pm. Meeting times are also posted on the City calendar. 

  • January 30th (222 Laporte, Colorado River Room) 
  • April 30th 
  • August 27th (222 Laporte, Colorado River Room)
  • December 3rd (Location TBD) 

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