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2024 BFO Calendar for the 2025-26 Budget#

Budget cycle

The City of Fort Collins has begun the development of the 2025-26 Budget. The process begins with City Council adoption of the 2024 Strategic Plan with a work session scheduled in February and adoption in March). That document then guides the budgeting process for the programs and services provided to the Community.

Budget process dates

  • May - Aug            Public Engagement to inform Recommended Budget
  • Aug 30                 City Manager's Recommended Budget published
  • Sep - Oct             Public Engagement regarding the Recommended Budget
  • Sep 10                 Council Work Session #1
  • Sep 17                 Council Meeting – Public Hearing #1
  • Sep 24                 Council Work Session #2
  • Oct 1                    Council Meeting – Public Hearing #2
  • Oct 8                    Council Work Session #3
  • Nov 6 or 7            Council Meeting – First Reading of the Budget Ordinance
  • Nov 15                 Council Meeting – Second Reading of the Budget Ordinance

The City of Fort Collins uses a priority-based process called Budgeting for Outcomes or BFO. These short videos provide an overview of that process. The video called 'Budget 101' is available in both Spanish and English. The other videos are available with Spanish subtitles.

2023-2024 Adopted Budget in Brief Document#

2023-2024 Adopted Budget#

2023-2024 Adopted Budget

Full version (674 pages)

The City's 2023-24 Budget was adopted by City Council on 2nd Reading on November 15, 2022. This budget is intended to resource both the 2021-23 Council Priorities and the 2022 Strategic Plan. The Adopted 2023-24 Budget includes the City Council changes to the 2023-24 Recommended Budget.

Below is a link to the list of the 2023-2024 budget requests (offers) included in the Adopted Budget.  Each offer is notated Funded or Unfunded.

The file is sorted by Outcome and can be filtered in many ways.  When you find an offer of interest, you can read the offer narrative by clicking on the Outcome link below on this page.  Doing so will open a PDF file with all the offers being considered in that Outcome.  The offers are listed in numeric order and you can also search for the specific offer # you wanted to learn about. Please note that within each narrative there are links to view performance measures, as well as summary financials.

2023-2024 Budget Requests (Offers) list for all 7 Outcomes:

2023-2024 Offer Narratives for all 7 Outcomes:

The links below contain details of the Offer Narratives of all funded and unfunded Offers by Outcome.  Within each narrative there are links to view the performance measures included in the Offer.

Measures used in Offers

View Adopted Budget