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June - 2014 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Applications Due June 1 for Targeted Cluster Funding

The City of Fort Collins is accepting applications for a second round of Targeted Industry Cluster funding totaling $42,500 for eligible businesses.

Businesses must be based in Fort Collins or working with a local entity with priority given to proposals that leverage resources and expertise through the triple helix of government, university and business. Applicants must also establish a minimum ratio of 1:1 in public to private funding. The anticipated leverage ratio across the award recipients will be greater than 3:1. City Council appropriates the funds, which are managed by the City's Economic Health Office.

The Economic Health Office designated $150,000 that could be distributed competitively in 2014, with minimum requests for $5,000, and maximum requests for up to $40,000. The office received $330,000 in requested funding in the first round, and after three rounds of examination, seven projects were awarded funds totaling $107,500. The remaining $42,500 will be available for the second application round, with applications due June 1.

2014 Round One Selections:

  • The emerging Northern Colorado Food Cluster was awarded $30,000 for organizational development, hiring a part time coordinator, and strategic planning.
  • Spokesbuzz, a local music incubator, was awarded $20,000 for continued talent development efforts and their Bandswap program, which now encompasses 8 partner Cities across the country.
  • The Personal Fabrication Hub (3-D Printing) at Colorado State University was awarded $20,000 for program expansion, staff training, and equipment maintenance/replacement.
  • The Larimer County Small Business Development Center was awarded $17,500 for 2014 operations, enhanced consulting services, and partnership development.
  • The Colorado Water Innovation Cluster was awarded $10,000 for the development of the Net Zero Water Toolkit.
  • Fort Collins Startup Week was awarded $5,000 to supplement costs for two Keynote speakers during the inaugural event in May.
  • The Colorado Clean Energy Cluster was awarded $5,000 for the Colorado C3E program, geared towards advancing women in the field of clean energy.

Other 2014 Cluster Contributions

As part of their ongoing support per the 2013-2014 BFO process:

  • The Northern Colorado Bioscience Cluster received $25,000 to support ongoing operations.
  • The Colorado Clean Energy Cluster received $25,000 to support ongoing operations.
  • The Colorado Water Innovation Cluster received $25,000 to support ongoing operations.