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January - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Company Feature: DataSplice

Field technicians across the country can thank a local Fort Collins software company for making their work a little easier. DataSplice is a mobile computing solutions company, working with diverse industries to manage assets, inventory and processes remotely and in real time.

Industries such as utilities, warehouses, food manufacturing, aerospace, universities and municipalities all rely on quality data and software applications for asset management.

Working with the end-user, the technician on site, DataSplice configures their software application to match what the individual company needs to gather data. The more reliable the data, the easier it is for management to make business decisions and plan for the future. DataSplice values the upfront information gathering they do with customers in order for the software to behave exactly as they need it.

DataSplice is located on Oak Street, just east of the Main Library in Downtown. Their staff is committed to supporting their customers through every step of a project. As DataSplice launches new products and services, they seek to balance the increased workload with trained and dedicated staff who also value customer relations.

Speaking of new products and services, 2010 will be a very busy year for DataSplice as they focus on the utilities sector of their business development and bring in more customers for their asset management needs.

Founded in 2001, DataSplice is a graduate of the Fort Collins Technology Incubator, now called Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative. Congratulations on your continued successes.