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January - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative (RMII)

Formerly the Fort Collins Technology Incubator, RMII, is taking the idea of nurturing, or incubating, promising innovative start-ups to new heights. Their formula: strong organizational leadership plus creative entrepreneurs, low lease rates, and a plethora of programming and networking - develops independent, forward-thinking small businesses.

Fort Collins has a history of innovation running through its residents-from the first settlers and pioneers, to the modern day high-tech companies that have moved their corporate headquarters here. Its paramount that the City does what it can to encourage entrepreneurs to succeed and remain in our community. By assisting RMII and providing a culture of incubation and pre-incubation, individuals are empowered to act on their ideas, projects and services that have niche audiences and business applications.

What can the community expect from RMII this year? Staff will be pursuing many opportunities to help finance their new building and continued professional services. They will continue to offer monthly Innovation After Hours, launch a unique entrepreneur training camp, and continue important regional partnerships from Greeley and Loveland to Fort Collins and beyond.

If you have a promising start-up business and would like to learn more about how to apply for admission into the Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative, contact Kelly Peters, Chief Operations Officer - RMII. 970-581-5395(cell). S2VsbHkucGV0ZXJzQHJtaTIub3Jn