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Building on Basics Capital Improvement Projects (2006-2015)

Total BOB funds: $60 Million

Working together, the Fort Collins community and local government identified a specific list of projects to complete before 2015. Voters approved the Building on Basics Initiative which funded projects from 2006-2015.

Lincoln Center Renovation/Cultural Facilities Plan

placeholder image $5M The center of Fort Collins’ cultural life for 27 years, the Lincoln Center was in need of improvements and renovation.  This project includes new lighting, carpeting, rest rooms, better acoustics, modern conference facilities and an elevator to the balcony.  

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Fort Collins Museum/Discovery Science Center Joint Facility

placeholder image$6M A new facility is under construction in Downtown, on the corner of Cherry and Mason Streets. The Museum/Science Center partnership will be a regional attraction complete with modern museum exhibits and classroom space.

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Park Upgrades and Enhancements

placeholder image$2M Four community parks and more than 30 neighborhood parks are being upgraded. This project will add new playground equipment, picnic shelters, restrooms, landscaping and sidewalks needed to keep our parks useful, enjoyable and attractive.

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Timberline Road – Drake Rd. to Prospect

placeholder image$3.9M Timberline Road is now a 4-lane arterial street that includes sidewalks, bike lanes and landscaped medians.

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Transit Fleet Replacement Buses

placeholder image$1M This project will replace transit vehicles at the end of their useful lives to assure reliable service.These funds will be used in conjunction with Federal matching dollars.

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Emergency Response Technology and Data Management System

placeholder image$700K High-speed, efficient dispatch service and record keeping allows police and firefighters to provide a high level of service to the community. Coming Soon.

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Bicycle Program Plan Implementation

placeholder image$1M Elements of the adopted Fort Collins Bicycle Program Plan have been constructed, including additional street grade bike lanes and paved trails for safe and convenient bicycle travel.

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