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Capital Improvement Tax 2016-2025

Citizens And City Government Investing In Things That Matter To You!

In April 2015, the voters of Fort Collins approved a 10-year, 1/4-cent tax dedicated to 17 projects that will enhance and benefit our community. This capital enhancement sales tax will generate approximately $83 million dollars over 10 years.

Here's a sampling of projects that will be funded:

Visitor's Center at the Gardens on Spring Creek


$2M - The envisioned Visitor's Center at the Gardens contains a conservatory, meeting room, observation tower, new entryway with gift shop, a cafe, and office space. These additions will double the Gardens' square footage. Visit The Gardens' Website »

Bicycle/Pedestrian Grade-Separated Crossings Fund


$6M - This project establishes an annual fund that would construct top priority grade-separated bicycle and pedestrian crossings (things like overpasses and underpasses) across arterial roadways. Visit Bicycling's Website »

Southeast Community Center and Outdoor Pool


$14M - The center will focus on art, innovation, technology, and recreation. It will include a multi-functional performance space, wellness with fitness rooms, and a large outdoor leisure pool with water slides, a lazy river and an open swimming area.

Housing Affordability Capital Fund


$4M - This fund would provide a revenue source for the capital costs of development or rehabilitation of one or more housing projects designated specifically for low income individuals and families.

Downtown Poudre River Enhancements and Kayak Park


$4M - River enhancements near the Power Plant building will involve modifying or removing the Coy diversion structure, creating a whitewater park with viewing/ picnic areas, improving access to the river, enhancing the river's habitat and beauty, and adding a pedestrian bridge over the river east of College.

Implementing Nature in the City


$3M - The City is transitioning to a more urban environment. It is important to protect access to nature and the open spaces that define our community. This project will focus on achieving a 10-minute walk to nature for all residents and enhancing existing sites to provide greater habitat.

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