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Keep Fort Collins Great

Keep Fort Collins Great 2011-2020

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Since 2011, KFCG has funded basic operations and enabled the City to maintain a desired level of service and respond to community needs in an environment of population growth and annual inflation.

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This .85 percent sales tax was passed by Fort Collins voters in November 2010 to fund critical services and programs for the community.  This tax is scheduled to sunset on December 31, 2020.

Keep Fort Collins Great (KFCG) is joined by recent quarter-cent tax initiatives such as Building on Basics Capital Projects (2015) and Street Maintenance Program (2015) to fund services and programs the citizens of Fort Collins value. The City of Fort Collins uses this important revenue stream for road improvement projects, increased staffing and facilities for our emergency responders, the diverse needs in our Parks and Recreation Department and other community priorities.

Fort Collins’ excellent quality of life is prized and supported by our citizens; the KFCG funding ensures the City can provide the level of service that citizens need and expect! Please scroll below to see how the tax is divided per the ballot language and to view the previous year’s services and programs funded by this revenue.