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Weekly Vector Index#

West Nile Virus Protection - 4 D's (avoid Dusk to Dawn, Dress with long sleeves and pants, Drain pools, repellent Deet)

Recommendations to spray for adult mosquitoes are made by the Larimer County Health Department, and are based on data from at least a 5-trap area that has a vector index of 0.75 or higher. The City operates a network of 53 traps providing weekly data on the level of WNV in targeted areas.

WNV vector index levels updated weekly, June 12 through September 20.

Last updated: June 20, 2024. Next scheduled update: June 25, 2024

VECTOR INDEX (map of quadrants):

Highest Vector Index value for 5-trap (minimum) Floating Zone: 0.00

Floating Zone description: 0.00

Map of Mosquito Traps

  • NW Quadrant: 0.00   
  • NE Quadrant:  0.00 
  • SE Quadrant:  0.00  
  • SW Quadrant: 0.00


Most recent three weeks' trap data:

Interactive Mosquito Surveillance & Control Map#

Mosquito surveillance and control sample map

Our mosquito control contractor, Vector Disease Control International, has interactive mosquito surveillance and control maps you can review.

View Map

West Nile Virus Program Reports#

VDCI Monthly Reports:

View Annual Reports