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West Nile Virus Program Policy & Management#

The City of Fort Collins has contracted with Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) for mosquito monitoring and mitigation, with a focus on three primary areas:

  • EducationInformation is provided to the general public and to City employees about personal protection and source reduction measures.

  • Data GatheringIn order to effectively combat West Nile virus, VDCI conducts a mosquito surveillance program that includes mapping potential mosquito breeding sites and uses light traps to monitor adult mosquito activity throughout the season.

  • MitigationVDCI applies larvicide to breeding sites within a one-mile radius of Fort Collins city limits. The larvicide is a natural, non-toxic biological product that affects only mosquitoes and is not harmful to fish and animals. Residents can report potential mosquito breeding areas by calling 970-278-9977. If levels reach the predetermined policy threshold, the City and VDCI will partner on targeted adult mosquito spraying.