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Snow Removal

As a community, we all know snow. And we know you depend on us to get the job done. After all, snow removal operations are critical for safe transportation and the economic health of our city. Our snow fighters are prepared 24 hours/day, 7 days a week and have earned the City of Fort Collins a national reputation for snowfighting methods, technology and deicing material storage. Snow fighters tackle snow and ice on Priority Routes which will be maintained except under extreme conditions.


How We Prioritize

  • Priority 1: (Main Streets) Streets such as Prospect and College. These streets are considered to be the minimum network which must be kept open to provide a transportation system connecting hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and rescue squad units. Collectively, Priority 1 streets make up the Snow Emergency Route.
  • Priority 2: (Collector Streets) Streets such as Remington and Swallow. All remaining arterials and selected collectors completing the network covering the major traffic volume streets.
  • Priority 3: (School Areas, Bus Routes) Streets such as Casa Grande and Fossil Creek Parkway. All remaining collectors, bus routes, and access to schools.
  • Priority 4: Streets primarily located in residential areas. Priority 4 streets are plowed only when snow accumulations completely block traffic movement, or when a Snow Emergency has been declared.