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Program Mission

The goal is to patch areas to provide a safe street network throughout the City, and to fill potholes, seal cracks, and provide asphalt patching for the roadway system. By providing a pothole hotline, potholes are generally filled within twenty-four hours after we receive the call. All streets are crack sealed every ten years through a systematic process conducted by the pavement management board.

Program Analysis

The customer expectations of this program are to repair and maintain over 383 miles of streets accurately and in a timely fashion. Patching and crack sealing are being done based on collected data and customer input. A priority list is then established through the pavement management board. Service requests need to be done in a timely manner, and meet the customer's needs. The addition of new streets, along with limited maintainance funds, will require quality work and competitive prices. Being more efficient will be important to continue to improve customer service with the addition of new streets. Access Fort Collins