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2024 Harmony Roadwork#

Map of planned 2024 maintenance on Harmony Rd.

From March 25 - June 7, 2024 repaving and restriping work was completed on Harmony Road from near the Timberline Road intersection east toward the area of Strauss Cabin Road approaching I-25.

Harmony Road serves as one of Fort Collins' key arterial roads and primary east-west corridors. To maintain the safety and quality of this major road, crews repaired and replaced the road surface and select parts of concrete infrastructure. 

Work Overview#

Crews began milling and overlaying Harmony Road with a new surface on April 29, 2024. Work continued through June 7. During that time, construction closed several lanes of traffic at a time to protect workers and motorists.

Typical working hours were Monday through Friday 7 a.m - 7 p.m., however work occurred outside these times or on the weekends to expedite the project. 

Business Support#

The City recognized that Harmony Road is an important business corridor and this project affected normal business operations. 

We worked to minimize disruptions to nearby businesses. Check out our Construction Toolkit below, and our Business Support Liaison can be reached for additional questions:

Michael Bussmann
Business Support Liaison 

Business Construction Toolkit

Project Managers#

Cory Kaufman
Sr. Inspector, Construction/Streets 
(619) 890-1863

Phillip Martinez
Project Manager, Streets (Asphalt)
(970) 682-5710