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Tips to Stay Safe in the Cone Zone

  1. Don't waste time waiting in line! Use the full lane until it closes then alternate merge. Cyclists – Merge with traffic and take the full lane.
  2. Respect the Cone Stay out of the Zone Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists: The cone applies to all, DO NOT ENTER any cone zones at any time.
  3. Stay Alert Cone Zones are dynamic places! Pay extra attention when you see the cone zone and avoid all distractions including phone calls and text messages.
  4. Slow Down Give our crews a Brake! Speed kills; take it nice and slow in the cone zone.
  5. Report Suspicious Work Sites If something looks wrong, it probably is. Call (970) 221-6630 to report dangerous work sites.
  6. Plan Ahead Save time and avoid cone zones by planning your route ahead of time by using

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