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Sales Tax and Business Licensing

Becoming an Outdoor Vendor#

Know Before You Go!#

Know Before You Go!

What exactly is an Outdoor Vendor?

An outdoor vendor shall mean any person, whether as owner, agent, or consignee or employee, who sells or attempts to sell, or offers to the public, any services, goods, wares or merchandise including, but not limited to food or beverage, from any outdoor location.

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Frequently Asked Questions#

How much does it cost to get an Outdoor Vendor license?highlight_off

$60.00 for six months and $120.00 for twelve months.

Do I still need an Outdoor Vendor License if I'm not selling food?highlight_off

Yes! Food trucks are the most common outdoor vendor in Fort Collins but keep in mind that the need for an outdoor vendor license is not limited to food and beverage. Anyone selling anything from an outdoor location is likely to need an outdoor vendor license and encouraged to contact our office to go over details.

Can I park or set up a stand anywhere in town?highlight_off

No. There are very specific areas that outdoor vendors can be and there are a number of items you need to turn in with your application before you can get going. The section of the municipal code that governs Outdoor Vendor licensing can be found in Chapter 15, Article XIV.

The basics are this:

  • Mobile food truck vendors can only vend in non-neighborhood zone districts (private property) or streets in non-neighborhood zone districts where parallel parking is allowed.
  • Pushcart vendors can only vend in non-neighborhood zone districts (private property) or streets in non-neighborhood zone districts where parallel parking is allowed.
  • Neighborhood mobile food vendors are things like ice cream trucks and popsicle carts and we recommend calling in to go over details.
  • Outdoor vendors of miscellaneous goods and services can operate only in non-residential zone districts (private property).
  • Outdoor vendors of transportation services are encouraged to call the office to go over your ideas and we can iron out the details.

Review the Outdoor Vendor Licensing Areas to see if the location you want is in a non-neighborhood zone!

Can I vend all day, every day?highlight_off

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Vendors may not operate between the ours of 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  • Vendors may not operate from any (1) location for more than (3) total days within a calendar week
  • Vendors may only operate more than (3) days/week at a specific location with minor amendment approval for stationary vending

Minor amendments are applied for and approved by the Zoning Department

Locations that are out of our jurisdiction to issue a license to vend are:highlight_off

Each of the above have their own governing bodies and we suggest reaching out to them directly if you're interested in vending in their areas.

How do I add a location to my existing Outdoor Vendor license?highlight_off

Easy! If you currently have an active outdoor vendor license but wish to add another location you can complete and submit the Outdoor Vendor Modification form at any time. There is no fee and you can have as many locations as you would like!

What if I am having just this one time event? Do I need an Outdoor Vendor permit?highlight_off

Great question! You DO NOT need an Outdoor Vendor license for the festivals and events around town but YOU DO need your City Sales Tax license. To join a big event, please contact the event coordinator so they can include you in their event licensing. 



We have tried to capture your initial questions here but every vendor seems to present something new!

If you still have questions or would like to go over your specific set up, feel free to call Trelene Keegan at 970-221-6527 or send an email to

We also appreciate any website feedback to make your vending experience just a little bit better.

Happy vending!