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Common Questions

Browser Help

Why aren't pages displaying properly?

This website was designed for modern browsers, but will degrade gracefully for older versions. If you are using a modern browser yet are still experiencing problems, please send us your feedback.

You can learn more about web browsers and check what version you're currently using at

How do I change the font size in my browser?

  • General:
    • Press and hold the "CTRL," key and spin the mouse wheel up or down to change the text size.
    • Press and hold "CTRL" and press the "+" key.
  • Browser specific:
    • Internet Explorer: click the "View" menu, select "Text" and choose desired text size
    • Firefox: Click the "Tools" menu, click "Options", then select the "Content" tab. Select the desired font size from the "size" dropdown box.
    • All other browser: See your browser documentation.

Document Types

Some pages on this website link to documents that require special software or plug-ins to work. Below is a list of those document types, with links to download the software or plug-ins.

Document Type Software or Plug-in Links
Adobe PDF Free Adobe Reader
Microsoft Word Free Word Viewer | Microsoft Office

Accesskeys - Navigating this Website without a Mouse

This website can be navigated entirely through the keyboard, and shortcuts or "Accesskeys" are available to quickly go to common places. The W3C introduced the accesskeys attribute to help users using screen-readers, however, accesskeys can also be useful to people who have no trouble controlling the mouse and clicking on links.

View accesskeys combinations by browser »

For example, by hitting the "D" accesskey, your browser will go to the City departments page.

The following table shows the accesskeys for common areas of our website:

Accesskey Corresponds to...
V City Services
N News
L City Leadership
J Jobs
B Business
H Help
P Public Records