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Community Canopy Program#


Through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation's Community Canopy program, 1,000 trees will be provided to residents within Fort Collins' Growth Management Area for $25 each. These trees will help homeowners lower energy costs, filter air and water, reduce stormwater runoff, slow climate change, and green our neighborhoods. 

2023 Program Details

  • Monday, August 7 at 8 a.m. - Trees available for purchase online - SOLD OUT!
  • Saturday, September 9 - Tree pick-up event; pick-up time will be selected during the purchase transaction 
Common Name Tree Type
Cherry, Montmorency Fruit Tree
Cherry, North Star Fruit Tree
Apricot, Pioneer Chinese Fruit Tree
Plum, Stanley Fruit Tree
Apple, Honeycrisp Fruit Tree
Apple, Cortland Fruit Tree
Apple, Haralred Fruit Tree
Maple, HOTWINGS® Tatarian (Tree Form) Ornamental Tree
Crabapple, Radiant (pink) Ornamental Tree
Crabapple, Spring Snow (white) Ornamental Tree
Crabapple, Thunderchild (pink) Ornamental Tree
Ironwood Ornamental Tree
Chokecherry, Sucker Punch Ornamental Tree
Maple, Sensation Shade Tree
Maple, Flashfire® Caddo Sugar Shade Tree
Catalpa, Western Shade Tree
Yellowwood, American Shade Tree
Ginko, Magyar Shade Tree
Honeylocust, Skyline Shade Tree
Tulip Tree, Emerald City® Shade Tree
London Planetree, Exclamation Shade Tree
Cottonwood, Sargent Straight Plains Shade Tree
Oak, Heritage® Shade Tree
Oak, Shumard Shade Tree
Oak, Autumn Red Chinkapin Shade Tree
Oak, Bur 'Bullet Proof' Shade Tree
Linden, American Shade Tree
Elm, Princeton American Shade Tree
Elm, Accolade® Shade Tree
Elm, Triumph Shade Tree
Sweetgum 'Mountain Avenue' Shade Tree

How It Works#

person carrying small tree
  • Beginning on August 7 at 8 a.m., a link will be posted on this website to Arbor Day Foundation's tree purchase platform. On the tree purchasing platform, an online tool will be used to determine the ideal location to plant a new tree in your yard. This tool will also estimate the annual savings that result from the tree over time and will also allow you to purchase your tree.
  • Residents of the Fort Collins Growth Management Area may reserve three trees per household and are expected to plant them in the location provided by the online tool and provide ongoing care. 
  • The 5-10 foot trees will be available at a pick-up event on Saturday, September 9 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. for those who have made tree reservations. Pick-up times will be selected during tree purchase. 
  • Unclaimed trees will be donated if not claimed by September 23, 2023.
  • The Community Canopy Program reservation site will remain active until all 1,000 trees are reserved. 

Partnerships and Collaboration#

people chatting at previous community canopy event

Thank you to our partners for making this program possible. 

  • Nature in the City
  • Arbor Day Foundation
  • Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery