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Spring & Summer Tree Watering Schedule#

Methods for watering include a soaker hose, deep root fork, deep root needle or soft spray wand. Apply water to many locations under dripline. For evergreens, water 3-5' beyond the dripline on all sides of the tree. If a deep root fork or needle is used, insert the device no deeper than 8" into the soil.

The water schedules below are suggested for Spring and Summer months (April-September). Determine the diameter of your tree, and water it for the amount of time noted below. 

1" 2" 3" 4" 6" 10" 12" 14"+
5 minutes per week 10 minutes per week 15 minutes 1-2 x per month 20 minutes 1-2 x per month 30 minutes 1-2 x per month 75 minutes per month 90 minutes per month 105 minutes per month