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Harmony Road Maintenance Project

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The Project

In 2006, the City received funding from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to take over ownership and maintenance of Harmony Road from College Avenue to Strauss Cabin Road. The transfer of ownership from CDOT to the City came with a list of capital improvement needs for the corridor, including a pavement rehabilitation and asphalt overlay project from College Avenue to Timberline Road.

Another component of the project comes from the results of the City's Arterial Intersection Priority Study. The study identified the need for two right-turn lanes at Harmony and Lemay and another at Harmony and Timberline. These turn lanes will help reduce vehicle delay and improve signal timing for the corridor.

The project will also include the demolition of an existing bridge under Lemay Avenue, just north of Harmony Road. This bridge was used to convey irrigation water along the Dixon Lateral Ditch, and is no longer in service and obsolete. Once demolished, the City will remove the bridge from its inspection inventory.

Additionally, the City will work extensively with the Union Pacific Railroad to upgrade the existing at-grade crossing with Harmony Road. Safety improvements are required at this crossing prior to the construction of the 6-lane roadway. A new pedestrian connection on the north side of Harmony Road will be built as part of the agreement with Union Pacific.

Project Goals

  • Improve the safety and traffic flow for motorists and bicyclists
  • Eliminate the bottleneck at the crossing with the Union Pacific Railroad
  • Re-stripe Harmony Road to a 6-lane arterial from Boardwalk Drive to Timberline Road
  • Provide dedicated right turn lanes to reduce vehicle delay


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East end of median. image East end, westbound. imageWest end of median.

Several traffic signals will be relocated and/or replaced at the intersections of Boardwalk, Lemay, McMurry and Timberline. Pedestrian push buttons will be relocated to make them more accessible at a majority of the intersection corners.

Lemay Avenue

  • Bridge demolition of the former Dixon Lateral structure
  • Minor sidewalk removal and replacement
  • Asphalt mill, overlay and restriping from the bridge to Harmony Road
  • A dedicated right-turn lane (northbound Lemay to eastbound Harmony)

Harmony Road

  • Pavement treatments from College to Timberline
  • Asphalt overlay and restriping from College to Timberline
  • 4-lane arterial roadway with on-street bike lanes from College to Boardwalk
  • 6-lane arterial roadway with on-street bike lanes from Boardwalk to Timberline
  • Improved Transfort bus stops with shelters in various locations on Harmony

Arterial/Major Intersections

  • New and/or relocated traffic signals
  • Dedicated right-turn lanes at Lemay and Timberline
  • ADA accessible curb ramps and crosswalks

Union Pacific Railroad Crossing

  • New railroad tracks for the length of the crossing
  • North side surface material extension for a proposed sidewalk crossing
  • Construct a landscaped median on the west side of the tracks to eliminate the hazard of u-turning vehicles
  • New signals and gates to meet current industry safety regulations


  • Harmony Maintenance Fund from CDOT (majority of the funding)
  • Building on Basics (BOB) Intersection Funds for the turn lanes and traffic signals
  • Bridge Program Funds for the demolition of the existing structure under Lemay
  • Street Maintenance Funds for the asphalt overlay on Lemay


Phase One: May 2012 through August 2012
The City of Fort Collins completed Phase One of work along Harmony Road from College Avenue to Timberline Road including pavement rehabilitation and maintenance, the addition of three dedicated right-turn lanes, and an expansion of the roadway to six lanes from Boardwalk Drive to McMurry Avenue. With the first phase done, attention focuses on remaining improvements which include landscaping as well as safety enhancements at the Union Pacific Railroad tracks to complete the 6-lane expansion.

Landscaping was completed in September 2012 for the median west of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

Phase Two: May 2013 through June 2013
Phase Two of the project consists of safety improvements and signal upgrades at the Harmony Road and Union Pacific Railroad crossing. The crossing is approximately midway between McMurry Avenue and Timberline Road. The current railroad equipment is nearly 20 years old, reaching the end of its serviceable life, and does not meet code requirements for a 6-lane roadway crossing. Through an agreement between Union Pacific and the City of Fort Collins, new warning signals, crossing gates and cantilevers will be installed meeting the federally-mandated requirements. The railroad tracks will be removed and replaced, and the crossing material will be extended to the north to accommodate a new pedestrian connection. Upon completion of Phase Two, Harmony Road will open all six travel lanes across the railroad tracks between McMurry and Timberline.

For the past two years, City staff worked on the details, agreement and scope of work with Union Pacific and numerous oversight agencies. Other parties involved in the design and review process include: the Colorado Department of Transportation, the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association and the Public Utilities Commission. The anticipated Phase Two timeline consists of:

  • Signal System Installation - May 12-16, 2013
  • Signal System Testing - May 21-25, 2013
    On May 23, 2013 signal testing will be conducted using short train passes at the crossing. Traffic will be allowed to clear the crossing between train passes, but significant delays are expected and alternate routes are advised.
  • Surface Replacement - June 1-4, 2013
    Full road closure is anticipated as crews replace rails and ties and traffic will be detoured. Access to businesses will be maintained.

This website is updated with construction dates as they become available. After the completion of the railroad work, the City will complete the final 6-lane striping with on-street bike lanes for the McMurry to Timberline stretch of Harmony.

Public Outreach

The City of Fort Collins will implement numerous communication tools to inform the public of the upcoming construction, traffic impacts and suggested alternate routes. Travelers can expect the following: digital information signs posted along the corridor, updates on FCTrip, Facebook (City of Fort Collins) and Twitter (@fortcollinsgov), and news releases sent to print, radio and television outlets. Also, project staff will host informational stations in front of key shopping centers along Harmony before construction begins to prepare the public.

Direct outreach will be conducted by project staff to all Harmony Road businesses. Business and property owners will be notified by mail and through door-to-door visits. Staff will also provide posters, informational fliers and business cards for retailers to display, spreading information to customers and employees.

In addition to the above, the City will share weekly updates regarding lane closures and traffic shifts via the project e-newsletter. Be sure to sign up at the top-right corner of this page if you'd like to receive notices.

The Future of Harmony Road

The City is also planning the future of Harmony Road with an effort known as the Harmony Road Enhanced Travel Corridor (ETC) Master Plan. This plan will augment and update existing transportation plans for the Harmony Corridor. The Harmony ETC Master Plan is intended to document the transportation, land use, environmental, economic, and social needs of this key corridor and determine the most appropriate corridor configuration. To learn more about this effort and get involved, visit


Tim Kemp, Civil Engineer II
970-416-2719 or dGtlbXBAZmNnb3YuY29t

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