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April - 2013 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Featured Small Business: Drahota Construction

Back when contracts were signed with a handshake, Terry Drahota founded Drahota construction in 1973 with a pick-up truck, some basic carpentry skills and a strong set of principles. Terry started the business after graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in finance, apprenticing with a Swedish carpenter and building custom homes in the mountains.

In 1978, with three employees and a small home office in Fort Collins he got his big break - a $1 million contract for a job in Breckenridge. This was the catalyst that set the wheels in motion for Drahota and 40 years later the company is still building strong.

Today, with a seasoned team of construction professionals, Drahota is focused on building multifamily, healthcare, mixed-use, resort and commercial projects throughout Colorado. Drahota is also committed to saving and protecting natural resources in the office and on the jobsite. It strives for smarter buildings with more cost effective and energy efficient solutions. Drahota recycles materials on every job, take measures to improve indoor air quality for each new building, source eco-friendly materials, build to LEED® standards and provide preconstruction consulting services to help strategize with clients on their green building initiatives.

Drahota continues to be dedicated to long-term partnerships with clients, supporting the environment and giving back to the community. In celebration of 40 years in business, Drahota is commemorating 40 projects from the company’s 40-year history at