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March - 2013 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Midtown Progress

What’s happening with Mall? We get that question a lot! There are lots of behind the scenes activities and conversations between Alberta Developers and potential new retail and restaurants. The City’s Planning Department is working with the new Mall owners on site planning and zoning regulations.

The Midtown Plan is also moving along. With key catalyst sites under redevelopment and MAX service beginning in early 2014, all eyes are on Midtown. City staff and the consultant team are building the different Plan elements that will help shape how Midtown redevelops. Once we have a completed Plan, we’ll be in the community getting feedback from you, sometime in the next month or so. By June, a recommended Plan will go to City Council for adoption. The Plan will assist private developers as they invest in the Midtown area. Follow progress on the Midtown Plan at