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July - 2012 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Food Trucks, Food Carts and More: Outdoor Vending Options Expanded

Whether you already have a business or are looking to start something new, the new Outdoor Vendors menu is for you! Take advantage of a growing trend and check out our simple, easy and new outdoor vending regulations for the eager entrepreneur.

The City of Fort Collins is providing an opportunity for many different types of vendors in more locations by increasing the number of vendor licenses and simplifying the application process.

New Options in Effect Later this Month, Inexpensive Licensing

Under the new regulations there are many different types of outdoor vendors. An outdoor vendor is anyone who sells or offers to the public any services, goods, wares or merchandise from any outdoor location. These vendors can range from mobile food trucks, to pushcarts, to transportation services.

Outdoor vendors will be allowed on-street parallel parking in nonresidential areas, on private property with permission from the owner and in approved downtown lots. Also, vendors will be prohibited from vending within 200 feet of the front entrance of any restaurant or the property boundary of any public or private school.

Along with being easy to obtain, an outdoor vending license is also inexpensive! An outdoor vendor can purchase either a six month license for $60 or a 12-moth license for $120.

The City conducted an Outdoor Vendor Study and received input from the public, local restaurants/businesses, and various Boards and Commissions. Through that process and the approval of the City Council, some regulations were created and while others were amended. Although vendors will still be operating under restrictions, the public should expect to see more outdoor vendors starting in the beginning of August.

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For more information on how to apply for an outdoor vending license, for detailed rules and regulations or for inquiries about the new regulations, visit or call 970-221-6246.