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April - 2012 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

New! Funding Good Ideas at

McCabe Callahan wears a few different hats in his day-to-day schedule as the owner of two community coffee shops named Mugs in Fort Collins.

His most recent endeavor has people giving back to the community in a big way. Known for his generous, innovative nature, McCabe and his partners created Community Funded.     

About, an online platform, allows organizations and people in the community to showcase community impact projects that need resources. These range from a nonprofit posting their cause, to a new idea for a business, even an individual idea that will have a positive impact on the community. Then, The Community (people who visit the site with the intent to support an organization’s idea) can view these projects and make pledges in exchange for a Giftback from either the project creator or from a selection of in-kind donations made from aligning Organizations. Community Funded likes to refer to this as “Mega Community Collaboration” or MC².

McCabe met with more than 100 businesses throughout the Fort Collins community, including nonprofits, large corporations, local businesses, breweries, and even government entities, such as the City of Fort Collins, to learn how local initiatives are being funded.  

Seeing how businesses in Fort Collins are already giving so much back to the community, McCabe knew Fort Collins was the perfect place to launch Community Funded. He believes Community Funded will create a streamlined effort to help organizations donate back to the community, as it will allow an organization to access many great ideas in one place. And although Community Funded is being launched from Fort Collins, there is already interest from businesses outside of the area asking how they can get involved.

Launching May 1

Community Funded has a goal of launching their website,, by May 1. Want to get in the action early? If a business joins Community Funded before the webpage is launched, they will be tagged as a “Visionary Organization” and their logo will be featured on the front page.

Community Funded is more personal and community based than any other crowd funded site currently available. There will always be a human assisting and reviewing projects for approval. McCabe and his co-founders believe “Anything is possible when it is Community Funded” and hope to see that when the new website is launched.