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November - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Explore our Local Retail Scene, Shop Fort Collins First!

Where was the last place you purchased something?  Did you get it online?  Maybe you took a trip to Denver?  Save yourself time and gas, support our Fort Collins businesses and know what you’re getting by shopping Fort Collins first this holiday season and all year long!

Investing in Your City Why shop Fort Collins?  When you spend your hard-earned money locally, you are supporting critical City services such as police, public transportation, and street maintenance.  For every $100 that is spent in Fort Collins, $3.85 goes towards funding important City services.

Support a Healthy Economy You are also investing in your own future and that of your neighbor’s.  More local support from you means more jobs and opportunities for your fellow citizens.  That $100 you spent?  Not only does $3.85 go to City services, but $45 of it stays right here in Fort Collins.  If you spent that same amount online, only $7 would stay in our community.

Diversity  Fort Collins is home to a variety of local shops and businesses, all providing a unique product or service that you won’t find anywhere else.  Whether you’re getting a kitchen accessory at The Cupboard or just grabbing a bite to eat in Front Range Village, you are supporting a wide range of businesses.

This holiday season, keep local businesses thriving by doing your shopping locally.  Not only are you supporting your neighbors and friends, but you are also supporting our quality of life. Happy Holidays!

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