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November - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Featured company: Wool Hat

What do you get when you cross some reclaimed lumber, a talented furniture maker and a creative stylist? Custom, funky and hard-working furniture from Wool Hat. 

As you grab your wool hat this season, you might want to make an appointment at Wool Hat’s furniture studio and try their furniture on for size. Matthew and Danelle started their repurposed-furniture company less than two years ago and have already gathered a customer base of private collectors, local retail establishments and regular people who appreciate fine craftsmanship, salvaged building material and have an eye for the unique.

Wool Hat takes the boring out of home décor—they specialize in unique pieces for all budgets and use different materials in a juxtaposition of design that you won’t find anywhere else. They invite customers to visit their studio where they have pieces finished and ready for pick up or delivery, or can brainstorm ideas with you for piece or a roomful of furniture.

The business is currently looking for a special retail space to occupy and share their work, meanwhile, give them a call and arrange for a private showing of their studio, salvage collection, and yes, wool hats and scarves!

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Wool Hat
Matthew and Danelle Britt