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October - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Updates to the Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority Policies

Fort Collins is dedicated to backing the strongest redevelopment projects in the city. To that end, the Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority is recommending some changes to its Policies that will ensure future development and redevelopment using Tax Increment Financing will fit with other City policies and plans.

The current Policies and Process documents were approved by the Urban Renewal Board (City Councilmembers acting as Board members) in 2010. While those documents have been highly successful in setting clear expectations of the type of projects the URA will consider, it’s time to update the Policies to provide more clarity on green building standards, affordable housing requirements, and compatibility with long-range City plans.  

Highlights of the proposed 2011 revisions:

  • Assuring development is consistent with City Plan and the Urban Renewal Plans, and adopted codes, ordinances, and resolutions.
  • Promote green building and above-code energy and water efficiencies.
  • Clarification of the acceptable affordable housing requirements to meet existing standards defined in the Land Use Code.
  • State intended waste diversion and/or deconstruction methods of the project.
  • Require a Construction Waste Management Plan for both existing development and new construction projects to ensure proper methods of waste reduction, reuse and recycling will occur for all URA projects.
  • New Buildings greater than 15,000 square feet must achieve LEED silver certification.
  • New Buildings less than 15,000 square feet must use the LEED checklist but are not required to be certified.

The URA Board will consider the revisions during the December 6 City Council meeting. Read the complete list of proposed revisions (last document on the list).

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