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August - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Mason Corridor, Moving Fort Collins Forward

The Mason Corridor vision is becoming reality. Located centrally along the north-south spine of Fort Collins, Mason Corridor, will be a catalyst for future commercial, residential and employment development for years to come.

Many people still associate the Mason Corridor with the MAX Bus Rapid Transit Service, the first of its kind in Colorado, planned to be operational in 2013. This is a key, exciting piece of the overall corridor experience which is essential to the broader vision of Fort Collins’ future economy and central community design.

Driving Commerce and People through the Heart of Fort Collins

Land owners, developers, and businesses see the potential for future opportunities along Mason, and some are relocating or purchasing space nearby. Colorado State University recognizes the potential benefit of linking its campuses and giving students, staff and faculty easier access options.  

Communication during Construction

Soon, the community will see dirt moving along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail line, just west of College Avenue. Although the construction will be out of traffic for most of the project, impacts will be felt by people traveling east and west along the five mile corridor and for sections closer to Downtown. The City will take the necessary steps to alleviate the nuisances of construction traffic through proactive communication.

Stay Connected

The Mason Corridor vision is a community success story in the making. Strong vision combined with great economic opportunities offers Fort Collins the chance to continue leading the way as a progressive, world class city. The Mason Corridor is more than improved transit. It’s an integral part of creating a future community core that connects people with key services, jobs, and destinations. Keep up to date on Mason Corridor at