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June - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Featured Company: Propel Labs

When a university biology researcher goes into their high tech lab and fires up their cell analyzer machine, chances are they are using technology from Propel Labs, a Fort Collins company with deep roots in Moflo technology. Unless you are a biologist, or chemist, we've probably lost you. Stay with us, it's worth it!

Propel Labs is another one of those unique, successful small companies that fly under the radar, but their product and business is nothing to pass over. Almost every university doing any worthwhile research, needs the kind of technology Propel Labs manufacturesthey help the medical and chemistry fields look for trends in cells, identify malignant cells and count cells for whatever test they are trying to conduct.

Creating Propel Labs' cymotation cell analyzer takes about a day to manufacture, then, it's connected to a lab computer which uses Propel's proprietary software to conduct experiments and tests. The history of flow cytomology stems from the 1950s and 1960s when the human genome project was launched. This technology sorts DNA, assists with oceanography research, aides herd production and prediction, astronomy, infectious disease, cancer research and more!

Propel Labs is a growing business in a niche market. They regularly team up with other companies for product development, application and distribution. One recent partnership was with Chata Biosystems (also a Fort Collins company). The two companies are collaborating on instrumentation development and distribution of Chata products in Asia Pacific. As part of this partnership Propel Labs will assist in developing the next generations of Chata's Chem+Mix instrumentation for increased automation and efficiency in the laboratory.

While most companies move onto the next customer once their technology is sold, Propel Labs provide all the installation and service their customers need, for the life of their product.

Propel Lab is on the verge of expanding in Fort Collins. Staying in Downtown is important to the company, so is finding a place to accommodate increased sales and manufacturing and the new staff they'll need to see all the new business through. Their workforce is made up of mechanical, fluidics, electrical and microbiology engineers.