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June - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

King Soopers Opens at North College Marketplace

Have you been to the new King Soopers on North College Avenue and Willox Lane? This is the first "marketplace" concept for King Soopers in Fort Collins. At 123,000 sq.ft., the new design offers both general merchandise (clothing, electronics, etc.) and a traditional grocery market.

The new store is the anchor of a large new development project, the North College Marketplace, under construction by Loveland Commercial, LLC. In addition to the King Soopers' Marketplace there are multiple pad sites for banks, restaurants, retail, fast food and a King Soopers gasoline kiosk. Total retail space equals 175,000 sq.ft.

The North College Marketplace is located in a previously blighted, under-developed area of north Fort Collins. Due to extraordinary project site constraints, the Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority (URA) invested in public improvements of infrastructure.
Financial investments include:

  • Demolition and clean up of blighted area
  • Intersection improvements to College/Willox
  • Wetlands mitigation and enhancements
  • Gateway features and enhanced landscaping
  • Utility infrastructure (electric, stormwater, etc)

The 26-acre catalyst project promises to be a significant retail destination with future property tax income exceeding $15 million through 2029. Learn more about the Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority