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May - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Featured company: Prieto Battery

Colorado State University chemistry professor, Dr. Amy Prieto, is on track with bringing her low cost, high-powered, non-toxic batteries to the market within the next 12 months. Prieto Battery Inc.'s novel Lithium-Ion 3D battery has been in development for a few years now, but recently has garnered both national and international attention.

Prieto batteries are two-thirds smaller than comparable batteries yet deliver 1,000 times more power than current commercial battery technology. They also last longer and take minutes, not hours, to recharge. Prieto Battery is currently seeking another round of funding to optimize the cell performance and commence a pilot manufacturing facility to expedite commercialization. The breakthrough technology will be a win-win in the transformation of the electric economy. The batteries have many applications, from enhancing electric vehicles to helping solve some of the energy storage challenges.

Research. It's what Colorado State University does so well, and so often, the results are technologies that are applicable to our everyday life and can help lower the costs and waste of current products.

Watch for more updates on this exciting technology at or read Wired Magazine's recent article on Dr. Amy Prieto and her team: