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April - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Attend the Midtown Existing Conditions Survey Open House April 20

We’re hosting a community open house on the recently completed Midtown Existing Conditions Survey, Wednesday, April 20, 2011, 4:00-6:30 p.m. at the new Midtown Arts Center, 3750 S. Mason St., Fort Collins (between Horsetooth and Boardwalk).

The Survey identifies elements of blight, or physical, environmental, and social deterioration; declaring an area blighted is often a precursor to redevelopment and public financial investment.

Maps of the study area and specifics from the survey will be on display and City staff will be available to answer questions.


City staff recently conducted an existing conditions survey of the Midtown redevelopment area, the commercial corridor of College Avenue, from Prospect Rd. south to Fairway Lane. The recommendation to study the area’s potential for redevelopment and public financial investment was made by consultants during the Midtown Commercial Corridor Redevelopment Study in 2010. City Council initiated the existing conditions survey in February 2011.

Purpose of Survey

Using Colorado Urban Renewal Law, the survey examined the corridor for elements of blight, or the presence of physical, environmental and social deterioration. In order to utilize public investment as a catalyst for private redevelopment, the City could establish an Urban Renewal Plan (URP) area if at least four out of eleven factors of physical, environmental and social deterioration are present.  As the survey shows, seven factors were documented within the study area. The Fort Collins City Council will determine if the study area is blighted during Council meetings this summer and may recommend the creation of a URP to stimulate redevelopment.

Components of the Study

The study area is comprised of approximately 663 acres, and includes 500 parcels of private property. The survey includes research, data, mapping, interviews with various City and County staff and field surveys.  Read the complete survey, including statutory factors, photographs of the individual examples and other existing conditions data online,