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February - 2011 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Midtown Existing Conditions Study Underway

In order to provide needed financial tools to encourage redevelopment in Midtown, an existing conditions study is underway.

Not unlike many areas of the country, Midtown is a mix of thriving, updated commercial and tired, outdated vacant storefronts. A redevelopment study, which took place in 2010, included the following action items:

  • Prepare an existing conditions report for the Study area
  • Move forward with Mall redevelopment
  • Encourage Mixed-Use corridor redevelopment
  • Green up the corridor (create common green spaces, improve walking and biking amenities, etc.)

City staff is now moving forward with the existing conditions study. If the study concludes that the existing conditions of all or portions of College Avenue have severe infrastructure or redevelopment deficiencies, Urban Renewal Areas may be designated.

The existing conditions study will conclude this summer.
Follow developments of the study and opportunities for community feedback.

Read the final redevelopment report and recommendations.