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November - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Numerica Corporation: a CSU-Spawned Company Finds Strength in Numbers

Its an exciting time to be at Colorado State University (CSU). Many clean energy and high-tech companies are spinning off due to technology transfer support through the CSU Research Foundation (CSURF) and Technology Transfer Office, but this isnt a new tactic for the university. In fact, we recently sat down with Numerica Corporation, a company founded nearly 15 years ago by CSU applied math professor emeritus Dr. Aubrey B. Poore. Numericas technology transfer story goes back to the late 1980s when Aubrey and his team of grad students solved an unsolvable target tracking problem for IBM.

How far has Numerica come since then? Hold on to your calculators and read more.

Numericas Multiple Frame Assignment (MFA) solution dramatically improved tracking accuracy and processing time compared to existing tracking and surveillance systems of the day. The award-winning MFA tracker first gained national attention in 1996 when the Air Force selected Numericas technology as the best-of-breed tracking system and upgrade to the AWACS surveillance plane. Shortly thereafter, Numerica incorporated, and with strong support from CSURF acquired patent rights to the MFA tracker from the university, giving Numerica control of its flagship product.

Today, Numerica is a recognized global leader in defense technology. When the U.S. military and large prime defense contractors have extremely complex tracking problems to solve, they turn to Numericas team of intellectual athletes. Numericas sought-after tracking and sensor fusion technology has been licensed to defense industry leaders such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, MITRE, General Dynamics, and Ultra Electronics. The company is in the business of predicting uncertainty and keeping people safe, so you can imagine their brain power is in high demand.

In 2009, Numerica was recognized by Governor Bill Ritter and the Edward Lowe Foundation as a Colorado Company to Watch a national award that celebrates growing businesses that positively transform the nations economy. Numerica has nearly 50 employees across Colorado, California and Ohio, and has grown revenues by 154 percent over the last four years.

With new projects and solutions coming up regularly, the company is eager to hire the best and brightest professionals with advanced degrees in applied and computational mathematics, computer engineering, systems engineering, statistics, and others. The company just hired three additional staff and is looking to add 10 more software engineers and research scientists. At Numerica, 55 percent of technical employees hold PhDs and 36 percent have earned Masters in Science degrees. So, if youre interested in working on the worlds most challenging scientific problems, consider joining the team at Numerica. More information at