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October - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Small Business Development Center

Business owners in Fort Collins have a wealth of support and resources available to them through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). From one-on-one consulting, to mentors, trainers and professional advisors, the SBDC can help take an existing business to the next level with workshops on multiple topics.

In 2010 more than 500 local business people have taken classes on how to improve processes and business functionality through the SBDC. More than 200 business owners have taken advantage of one-on-one consulting with experts in the field.

Some of the challenges that businesses seek to improve include how to increase sales, decrease expenses, provide appropriate training to employees, create performance evaluations, operation guidelines and employee manuals. Businesses also gain knowledge on topics such as how to do business with different governmental agencies, how to use social media with customers and how to prepare legal documents for businesses.

There are many other workshops and classes available, these just scratch the surface. If you feel that you have some expertise to offer, such as advising or teaching business owners, the SBDC would like to hear from you. New consultants and advisors are welcome to apply for the many available roles.

Location: Key Bank Tower, 125 South Howes, Suite 150, Fort Collins, CO
Contact: 970.498.9295