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September - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

State of Colorado Approves the Council of Creative Industries

A recent study produced by the Colorado Council on the Arts, found that there are more than 186,000 jobs in creative enterprises in Colorado. Creative enterprises also represent the fifth largest employment cluster in the state. A new division in the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade will raise awareness of the arts in Colorado and promote the growing role of the states creative economy.

Three previously separate departments are all under the newly created Colorado Creative Industries umbrellaColorado Council on the Arts, the Office of Film, Television and Media and the Art in Public Places Program. The division was created after input from the Creative Economy Advisory Panel. This sustained investment in the creative economy will mold policies and programs that serve the needs of artists, organizations that support creative industries and citizens statewide.

Creative industries is defined by conventional artistic fields such as design, film, literature and the visual and performing arts and new media technologies, outdoor clothing and equipment design, green products, and craft food and beverages. The City of Fort Collins, Be Local Northern Colorado, the Downtown Development Authority, and Beet Street are all playing a role in supporting creative business in the community.