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September - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Plan Fort Collins Economic Health Update

The City is approximately half way through the Plan Fort Collins process. The community-wide visioning effort will update and refine City Plan and the Transportation Master Plan. These plans guide the way our City looks, feels and develops.

There are seven Plan topics; Economic Health, Environmental Resources, Community & Neighborhood Livability, Safety & Wellness, Culture, Parks & Recreation, Transportation and High Performing Government. Heres a quick update on the Economic Health topic.

Creating and sustaining a healthy economy requires both a focus on maintaining a high quality of life and specific activities that enhance the local economy. In 2005, City Council adopted an Economic Action Plan that provided an Economic Vision for the community and strategic direction to City staff. The Economic Action Plan has been followed and implemented over the past five years. How we continue Economic Health efforts over the next five years and beyond depends on your suggestions and feedback.

We are looking for feedback on proposed strategies for job creation, sales tax revenue, targeted industry clusters, innovative economy, partnerships and local business support. The public is also encouraged to consider the Citys role in redevelopment opportunities, and participation in regional planning efforts.

Share your thoughts at one of two community open houses Tuesday, October 12 at the Harmony Library from 4-7 pm, and Thursday, October 14 at the Northside Aztlan Community Center from 7-9 pm.

To learn more or to provide electronic feedback, go to