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August - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Fast TracTM Kicks Off Next Session August 24!

Following the success of the spring launch of the Kauffman Foundations FastTracTM course, RMI2 is poised to begin another round of entrepreneurial workshops later this month. Eighteen entrepreneurs graduated in May after giving company pitch presentations to an audience of program participants and sponsors.

Testimonials in support of the series were strong, with one four-time serial entrepreneur stating that this workshop sped his current business plan up by six months. An introduce-practice-apply approach enables participants to gain a working knowledge of entrepreneurial concepts. After searching for the best entrepreneurial classes and preparation, RMI2 staff found that FastTracTM was hands-on and practical. Written by entrepreneurs and facilitated by entrepreneurs, the program connects local tech startups to an immediate network of coaches and peers. RMI2 intends to offer these workshops quarterly as an educational arm of their incubation program.

The next program will take place August 24 - November 16. Theres room for eight more bold and lucky individuals in the session. Startup-phase entrepreneurs in a technical industry such as clean energy, bioscience or IT, to name a few, are encouraged to apply.

To find out more, please contact Nicole Franklin at 970-221-1301 or go to