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June - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Mike's Corner: Small Business Development Center's Key Role in the Local Economy

Are you a small business owner or a local entrepreneur looking for assistance? The Larimer County Small Business Development Center (SBDC) can help! Located in Fort Collins, the SBDC provides a wide-ranging suite of services for helping business in the start up phase and in ongoing operations. The main services the SBDC offers include:

  • Free one-on-one business counseling
  • Low-cost workshops
  • Help in identifying potential financing
  • Help in networking with local, state, and federal resources

The SBDC provides an essential service and supports the City's Innovation Economy model. The SBDC provides essential services to entrepreneurs and business owners in the key Pre-Incubation and Incubation phases. During these time periods, many businesses tend to fail, so providing support services is essential to helping the business remain viable.

Established business owners can talk confidentially to an experienced consultant about employee issues, cashflow, marketing and any other problem they want to keep private. Many classes are geared toward owners of existing businesses to help in areas like sales and systemization. For more information on the SBDC visit

Welcome summer! In this issue we're featuring a representation of some of the diverse businesses in Fort Collins. Enjoy!

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Mike Freeman
Chief Financial Officer
City of Fort Collins