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March - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Research Innovation Center, Bioscience Business Incubator @ CSU

A new state-of-the-art laboratory will open for business on Colorado State's Foothills Research Campus later this spring. The Research Innovation Center (RIC) is a new, 72,000 square foot research center focused on developing new products to treat and diagnose infectious diseases.

A bioscience business incubator located within the RIC will serve as a launching pad for scientific discoveries in the infectious disease field, which can be patented and brought to market. Faculty and students, as well as startup companies and other private-sector scientists, will conduct research in the lab. This wet lab space includes sinks, measuring equipment and countertops, prime facility needs for the local bioscience industry.

The Foothills Campus of Colorado State is in the farthest west section of Fort Collins, east of Horsetooth Reservoir. Due to the sophisticated and highly sensitive research at the current Infectious Disease Research Center and soon-to-open RIC, visitation and tours of the facilities need advance approval.