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March - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

International Water Leadership @ CSU

With more than one hundred professors and faculty at Colorado State focused on international water resources, technology, management and quality control, it is only fitting that the university was recently appointed to the new North American Water Center through the United Nation's Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). What does that mean? CSU's water-related researchers will provide guidance on international water issues.

Sample projects of UNESCO's North American Water Center include hydrologic and hydraulic engineering, water planning and systems management, water policy development and governance, ecosystem sustainability and socioeconomic analysis.

Colorado State's history with water research and policy development goes back decades; in fact modern-day irrigated agriculture began here. Through a multidisciplinary approach to addressing global water challenges, CSU's leadership in the U.N.'s Water Center can make a difference in all corners of the world.