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March - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Superclusters @ CSU

Diversity of programming and research at the university has led to the development of three outstanding technology transfer organizations. These Superclusters follow a similar philosophy as the City's industry clusters; a term coined in the 1990's to describe geographic areas with a concentration of specific industry businesses and supporting organizations.

Colorado State University Research Foundation's (CSURF) technology transfer process makes it possible for researchers and faculty to bring their inventions and products to the commercial market. The Superclusters research and discoveries make global impacts in the following categories; cancers in animals and humans; climate conditions and changes; and infectious diseases.

Businesses that spin-off from Supercluster support tend to stay in Fort Collins. In the past five years, CSU has helped create 20+ new businesses. Maybe you've heard of Abound Solar, Envirofit International or Heska?

Learn more about CSURF's Superclusters and their startup companies: