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February - 2010 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Fast Trac® Tech Venture at Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative (RMI2)

With thousands of displaced and furloughed workers in Northern Colorado, the business of creating jobs and helping drive the Northern Colorado economy in a better direction is the number one priority at RMI2. The incubator is actively preparing to strengthen the education arm of RMI2 in order to more formally and consistently prepare entrepreneurs for business success and thus, accelerate the creation of jobs for Northern Colorado's highly educated and available workforce.

RMI2 is launching FastTrac Tech Venture entrepreneurship training this spring. FastTrac Tech Venture is a comprehensive business-planning program designed by the Kauffman Foundation that addresses the needs of start-up entrepreneurs who are refining their business ideas, writing their business plans and seeking to grow sustainable, high-impact companies. The program combines instruction from experienced business professionals, one-on-one business mentoring, and peer learning to help entrepreneurs produce an effective business. After completing the class, entrepreneurs walk away with a detailed business plan and executive summary presentation, and a strong understanding of how to finance a company.

Amanda Bodak has been hired by RMI2 to run FastTrac and coaches/trainers are being retained now for the spring session. As there are costs associated with running and marketing this program, we're looking to bring in sponsors to help defray costs. Please contact Amanda Bodak at 970-347-7233 or QW1hbmRhQG1veGlldGhpbmsuY29t if you are interested in coaching entrepreneurs, sponsoring tuition or signing up for the program.

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