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November - 2009 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Art Lab

An innovative movement is sweeping Fort Collins that is making empty storefronts in Downtown more aesthetically pleasing while providing local artists a place to call home.

The concept of a moving art lab and studio space for artists is popular in other countries, including the U.K.; this is the first in Colorado.

The goal of Art Lab is to actively create art experiences that put the gears of change in motion. It is something tangible that we can see, that enhances the lives of local artists, and continues to enhance downtown Fort Collins.

Who benefits?

  • Local artists and arts non-profits
    Art Lab is a venue for music, dance, theatre, visual art, media art, and the literary arts. Artists have access to a free studio and gallery for two weeks at a time, while other groups use the space on a weekly or one-time basis for classes, workshops and short-run performance. They get street front exposure right in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. School children, college students, and professional artists are all welcome!
  • The building owners
    No one likes having a vacant building! The energy and vibe the local artists bring to the space inspires potential occupants and businesses.
  • Neighboring shops
    Empty, ugly storefront vs. cleaned-up, vibrant, cool space and thriving, energetic new neighbors? Which would you choose?
  • Pedestrians and interested folks
    Surprises, beauty, and creativity are at work in the downtown shopping district; it just fits.

Art Lab Fort Collins gallery space is open to the public Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Classroom, workshop and performance space is available by appointment on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can find the Art Lab at its current location: 140 W. Mountain Ave. You can find the Art Lab at its newest location: 239 Linden St.