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October - 2009 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

Colorado State Universitys Legacy in Water Resources

The Colorado Water Institute (CWI), an affiliate of Colorado State University, leverages the expertise and research occurring at the university level and transfers that knowledge and scientific findings to organizations across the industry.

The CWI is a resource available to many agencies and businesses in Colorado. Staff studies topics such as ground water/surface water interactions, drought management, revegetation after water transfers, non-point source pollution control, and water transfer issues. While these topics seem awfully academic in nature, the results of the research are applicable to all water users. Conservation, sustainability, and planning for the future of water use is more important than ever as communities grow, and agriculture and developments vie for land and resources.

As Fort Collins investigates the potential for a water industry cluster, the presence of the Colorado Water Institute at Colorado State University is integral. To learn more about the CWI and its partnership with Colorado State University visit