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October - 2009 Edition: Some information may be out of date.

In-Situ Inc.

In-Situ is a manufacturer of measuring devices for the water industry. Water is a precious resource. Keeping it clean for the natural environment and human consumption is a relatively modern idea that requires sophisticated instruments and devices.

In-Situ helps communities and businesses monitor water conditions from road deicing material and their impact on local water source/stream, to measuring water depth in wells, wetland monitoring, and landfill monitoring. Products include rental equipment, instruments and sales. The applications and devices In-Situ sells cover nearly the entire water industry gamut.

100% wind powered since Jan. 2006, In-Situ prides itself on cutting-edge energy conservation practices. From recycling batteries to eliminating Styrofoam products from their shipping stream, In-Situ walks the talk. In-Situ is also a City of Fort Collins Climate Wise business partner with an active internal Green Team who help reduce waste, water usage, and improve efficiencies in their energy consumption.